Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The only way to start the New Year is with a New Look!

I have had the same old dark brown hair for years now. My natural colour is a strawberry blonde. Which is just not me. I dyed it brown when I was sixteen and never looked back, besides for adding a bit of pink or red along the way. It feels natural. Having brown hair is no fuss, no highlights, no split ends (unless your'e a GHD freak like me) and no dumb blonde jokes!

But lately I've been bored with this look and I've decided that this is my year of freedom, redefining my life and the way I want to live it, and I'm going to start off with my hair.

Theres a trend going around Hollywood call 'ombre hair' basically it looks like you have some serious regrowth going on. The ends of your hair, chin down, are a brassy blonde and from your roots it's a dark brown.

I think it's really rock n roll. I'm going to try it out today.

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