Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Crazy in Love with: Bellbottoms

If my mother had any influence on me that has stuck, it's her style. She's always been a 60s/70s style queen. She used to have a large dressing room and when I was little we spent ALOT of time in there together, helping her get dressed up for jols, helping her choose the funkiest outfits and jewels. She loved bells, large, dangly earrings and flowy glitter dresses, crazy prints and colours. It was fascinating for me to watch her ritual.
We walked the streets of Cape Town, searching high and low for the perfect pair. She still has a stunning indigo blue pair that fit her like a glove and she works them at the age of 56.
I think it's time I find my own pair. I'm soooo stoked they're back, they'll be in stores everywhere soon, making the search alot easier. Rock yours with a fringe bag, messy hair and wedges. Well at least I will.

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