Thursday, February 10, 2011

Time to reflect ...

The last month has been rather trying for me.
My dad stopped speaking to me and locked me out of my house, even though I don't live there anymore. And to make matter worse, I work for him, I do all the marketing for his company.

Truth is, I hate my job. I HATE IT! It is possibly the most boring and tedious profession out there. But it pays (very very little) for my rent and food and petrol and airtime but not for my obsession with fashion. Which is sad. The last thing I bought was a cream, off the shoulder bat wing top with lace shoulders. And it shrunk.

Actually my salary doesnt pay for very much. Last month I had to live off indomine noodles, which are divine and spicy but no good for my expanding waistline.

So I'm looking for another job. Yesterday I found a potential at a friends mom's photo studio. She needs someone to manage it. I told her I could do they styling and marketing as well. It sounds like fun.
And yesterday I sent a letter into my local tatler, so hopefully that will get printed and I can start getting stories published.

I've felt that for ages I wasnt getting anywhere in life and everytime I went on Facebook there was a friend professing how much they love their life, their job, their relationship and it felt like everyone else was being handed all these brilliant, life changing opportunites. Everyone except me.

Everyday I'm searching for jobs, anything better that this shite I'm doing now.
I'm praying that managing this studio will be fun and challenging and creatively stimulating.

But I've made good progress lately if I think about it. I've moved out, I love my flat, as tiny as it is. I love my boyfriend, he keeps me laughing and smiling. I love my new hair!

That's a good start so far. Hold thumbs for me!


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