Friday, March 25, 2011

Decisions ... Decisions ...

Aaaah it feels good to blog again. I have been living like cavewoman for the last few weeks, no internet connection except for bb and no tv. Does wonders for the imagination and you would be surprised how much time I seem to have to do nothing and everything.

Since I last complained about tedious thing such as work and peanuts, things have gone a bit awry and suddenly I am faced with too many choices and a mind that can not make itself up.

I have been offered more peanuts at my current job but been offered another job that is more creative but for less peanuts. Which do I take? Spend my days staring at beautiful clothes or staring at a computer able to wear those clothes. That is the question ....

Anyway we'll see how that pans out very quickly as I only have week to decide.

Other than that I have been grafting and spending a heel of a lot of time with Hamilton on beaches working on my tan.

In the last 2 week I have come to realise that:
Boobtube bikini tops make you look like you have an extra fat roll.
BB is more irratating than I thought. It is making it harder for me to avoid people.
Having connections in the industry can make all the difference to one's dreams.
Spending time with creative minds has awoken mine from it's day job slumber.
My shin splints aren't going away and one should not run in tennis shoes as this causes said shin splints.
One should own more jeans. And in many different colours. So that it takes less time to get dressed in the morning.
My new coat makes me feel like a kept woman
One should purchase deoderant immediately once paid. So that one does not end up borrowing the boyfriends deo when one has already spent the paycheque on coats and pizza.
I love that winter feeling and I can't wait till it's icy and so I can combine boots and coats and beanies and vintage dresses to make awesome outfits.
Asking for Vogue, fluffy slippers and expensive chocolate for one's birthday is genius. Can save a fortune in one month.

That is all as you were ...

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