Friday, April 29, 2011

BANG! On Trend :)

I am loving how this look is evolving so fast. Two trends mixing happily together. Faux fur gilets and coats have a special place in my heart. My grandmother, Lily, had the most beautiful furs (all real but those were the times) ,I used to try them all on,I loved the glamour of fur. When she passed my mom and I inherited some of her furs. Most of her things went to charity. I have a sixties cut wool coat with rabbit fur around the collar. I wear it when I want to feel like a kept woman! A la 'Pretty Woman'!

Pleated skirts have always been a part of my wardrobe and they aren't that easy to find. I used to have a black one from the fifties. I bought it at a church sale. I still have one that I bought in long street at my favourite vintage store. It cost only R40.00! It's pea green with a salmon pink pattern. I loaded lots of pics for inspiration :)

Any way you rock these trends will be stunner, have fun with it!

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