Friday, May 20, 2011

Bargain Bin Lady ~ A Rags to Rags Story

Sometimes a woman just has to settle for less. Certaintly not with men ... I mean with style.

It's the bane of my existance that I cannot afford designer items and I torture myself regularly with Vogue and Elle. But to be in the know is a must. I can tell you all about this last Spring/Summer collection of Chanel bags but the one I do own is vintage and was dug out in a dirty, dusty box out of my mother's friends garage. When the cash flowed she was the queen of designer everything. I go to her to get a little expensive fix.

Unfortuantely in this day and age, a woman is lucky if she owns such luxuries. I mean the cost of shoes alone, good quality shoes is disgusting. R600 for a pair of pumps from Aldo is cheap and R8000 pair from Jimmy Choo. May I ask what are the shoes made of exactly? Dorothy clicked hers together and was whisked off the Kansas and wherever and all these do is make you legs look longer. It's a disgrace. These days you have to take out a loan from the bank or a mortgage on your house for beautiful clothing.

But ohhh is it beautiful and a girl can wish.
I have found many stunning peices in bargain shops and bins over the years for only a few rands. Trying to pass them off for the seasons trends is a whole other mission.

This week my trusty pumps took a turn for the worst and retired to the dirtbin. Sad moment there. I have many pair of shoes but none quite like them. I wasn't prepared to dish out some serious bucks for more ... I have to feed myself, well not really.

This election day, after I cast my vote, I felt some retail therapy coming on and as I was in Hout Bay I was quite limited. I ended up in Pep (of all places) and low and behold there, hanging precariously, stuffed in the back, were a pair of similar looking pumps.

For R49.99. Next thing you know, I'm buying two pairs, one pair were already on my feet!
Just shows a girl can dream but bargains are her best friend!

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