Monday, May 9, 2011

A better life for all or none?

Recently I moved from Camps Bay to Hout Bay where there is a significant difference in living standards, class and safety. I have been supporting the SACP (South African Communist Party) in their ongoing endeavor to uplift the communities of Hangberg and IY.

Last Saturday I joined them in their peaceful march to the Hout Bay Police Station in order to handover the memorandum they had compiled in response to the recent arrests made by the SAPS and the DA, the ongoing issue with land development and the evictions of the people residing in IY and Hangberg.

I was astonished to see the unnecessary police front that ensued. Riot vans and hoards of policemen probably as many as there were in the crowd that gathered at the station at the bottom of IY. It was very clear that the DA and SAPS are feeling threatened by these people who are only asking for their basic human rights to be met.

It was reminiscent of Apartheid days when the government controlled the Police and issued unlawful arrests and unleashed horrific violence. I would like to remind the DA that the SAPS are here to serve the public not to terrorise or instill fear into the people it serves. I am sure their services were much needed elsewhere as only a few hours later a house was broken into in Cecil Street, jewelry and other valuables were stolen.

The Police were the last to arrive at the scene. Maybe if they weren’t so busy being used as body-guards to Marga Haywood, they would have more time to serve the public. I would like to thank the neighbours and ADT for catching the thief and handcuffing him.

Evicting people from their homes is no different to forced removal. They are one and the same. Doing this would only create more widespread poverty and crime. It would benefit everyone if the communities of Hangberg and IY were uplifted. It is written in our constitution that all people will live equally and happily amongst one another and this is being blatantly ignored by the leaders of the DA.

This is a reminder to everyone, during these upcoming elections, to see for yourself where your vote is going and what your vote’s means to them. New steps to Clifton beach or to see your fellow man have a better life.

It’s your choice but let it be informed.

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