Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A list of things I didn't do this week.

I am currently experiencing one of those weeks when you have a list for yourself, however nothing on that list gets accomplished.
Although I did find an amazing pair of black skinny jeans from Jay Jay's. I plan on getting a pale pink and a pale yellow pair this weekend. This is a major accomplishment for me. Finding perfect fitting jeans is a lifelong battle. Now I have two pairs. Sigh of relief. That's one less thing to worry about.

Am getting off the topic here.

So here was my list:

  • Vintage dress shopping at Glitterati. (I forgot that was even on my list.)
  • See a movie with Al (Got distracted by seriously attractive guy behind Haagen Daaz counter at the Waterfront and then Al insisted on trying all the flavours.)
  • Blog about being in a long term relationship with a surfer. (Realised how long this could take to explain and dropped it.)
  • Purchase disgracefully high heels at Woolworths (I went to three stores and they didn't have my size.)
  • Go for a surf this weekend with Mr Ian. (Decided it was too cold to brave my wetsuit and massive walls of water = chicken.)
  • Finish sewing this pattern I cut out for a top (Haven't used my machine for so long, I forgot how to thread it - ended up watching a Kardashians marathon instead. )
  • Find a good hiding place (from myself) for a wad of cash I saved so I don't spend it on clothes. (I bought the Jay Jay's skinny jeans with some of the money.) Still have not located decent hiding place.

It's not like any kind of life changing list but it's still a list. And I managed to procrastinate and be a lazy bum the whole week. Although, I did manage to get through five days of work without having a meltdown over ordering the wrong office supplies. So that's good.

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