Friday, May 6, 2011

VAMP vintage furniture ...

Soon soon, I'll be moving into a new flat with a lovely garden and I plan on decorating big time. I've been collecting bits and peices of furniture for a long time, ever since I was sixteen and decided I wanted to move out. It only took seven years to do it ... properly. And now with a new place I'm dreaming of a new space to make my own. My own work of art.

I decided that along with my vintage sixties desk that was my dad's ( I painted it black and laquered it and put new brass knobs on it) that it should have a suitable filing cabinet to go with it. And I won't actually be using it for filing. More like hoarding clothing!

This filing cabinet has been reVAMPed (see what I did there ;) by Vamp a furniture shop in Woodstock. You can follow their blog here They have such an amazing selection of sixties kitchenalia. Plan on going there this weekend to see if it will fit into my budget. I think this could be my new favourite spot.

Check it out. Aint seen nothin like it.

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