Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Asshole Talk

From time to time your friends get dumped, cheated on, betrayed and their little hearts broken by assholes. This is actually extremely prevalent in my group of friends. I think they may be unaware of what hopeless romantics they are. Or just seriously blind.

Yesterday I had to give the asshole talk to my dearest friend. For the last year she has been fucked around by this douche bag. And she fell for it not once or twice but three times. Hook, line and sinker.

Now as a rather average friend by society standards I do excel at one thing and that's giving them the talk, the wake up call, the 'what the fuck is wrong with your mind' talk.

I think the best quality in a person is honesty. And my friends know if I am anything, I am honest. I won't spin you some bullshit. This is why when the shit hits the fan, they come to me to hear it and then move on. I am quite obviously proud of this as I am most useless at everything else.

If a guy is screwing you around think about this; do his actions show that he loves you? Does he make you nervous and sad and paranoid? Does he make you cry? Does he make you doubt yourself or wish you were funnier, prettier, thinner, skankier? Do you like the way he parades his limp dick around society?

Obviously fucking not.

 The asshole is using you, abusing your love, devotion and trust. You are better than this kak he puts you through, you are a strong, intelligent and beautiful woman. Get out of bed, stop eating the chocolate, stop crying. Put on some trainers, go for a run, take a drive, scream at the top of you lungs, burn his stuff, get your life in order, get revenge and get over it, move on.

He's killing your spirit, your confidence, your motivation to excel in life. No man is worth that kind of pain, even for a fleating moment of happiness.

You create your own happiness.
Got it?

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