Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dear God, I want bellbottoms, not Flares. Yes. There's a difference...

A while ago I wrote a post about bellbottoms and how my I am searching for the perfect pair.
The search is still on. They’re in stores all over at the moment but now they’re called flares and are NOT bellbottoms.

Flares are more like boot legs with a tight fit over the thigh. However the bell at the bottom is not wide enough and if you have thighs, which most women in South Africa do and not skinny model pins, beautiful strong curvy thighs, then you’re out of luck. They don’t do much for your figure. Flares create the illusion that your thighs are massive. Big no no.
The worst is when they think they’re clever and start placing a fade down the thigh. It just makes your thighs look wider. There needs to be a visible seem along the inner and outer thigh, this creates a long line down your leg, making them look slimmer and longer. Personally I think bell’s look best in a dark wash not faded denim. And those are not easy to find.

So my new mission is to find some good quality stretchy jean so I can make my own pair. When I find a decent pattern I will share it with you.

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