Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hamilton goes A W O L (queue panic)

Recently Hamilton (my other half of crazy and all round best friend) went AWOL. Normally one is not able to extricate themselves from her. She is like a scab, a very beautiful, funny, naughty scab. Normally I am the shite best friend who forgets to call you regularly and is useless at making time for them (mostly because there is a crabby old woman inside of me who could not be bovvered to socialise with people).

This week after Hamilton and I went skateboarding (read a few posts below) she informed me that she is in need of a life plan. I cook these up from time to time. They include dreams of travelling to Paris together, living together and sharing clothes and magazines. However she appeared to be quite serious and I was somewhat worried that she was becoming all adult like on me. I was about to launch into said life plan when Hamilton was called to family duty (read dreaded family dinner) and so our time was cut short.

That was the last time I heard from her. I only realised last night that I hadn't heard from her in almost 48 hours. This is possibly the longest recorded time that Hamilton has not been in contact via telephone, Facebook, sms or physical contact.

I began to panic. Where in the world is Hamilton? She has a history of being lost. God knows she could have been kidnapped, without her knowledge, by trance loving, rushing, hippies. Or she may have decided that this would be the perfect weather to climb Lion's Head. She could be hanging from those chains as we speak.

I called her, smsed her, Facebooked her. No reply. Eventually I relented and called her grandfather, a man version of Hamilton, and he informed me that she was in ......... Barrydale. With her grandmother also know as Amy.

Where the fuck is Barrydale? I hope she comes back in one peice. We are due for another skateboard sesh today. Am also somewhat put out that I was not informed of her 'middle of nowhere' trip. I know she is probably itching to get back especially if she has been stuck with Amy for longer than 48 hours. One can lose the plot in that time.

Suppose this is a lesson to me, one should stay in contact with their friends at all times lest they go missing.

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