Monday, June 13, 2011

Thee shite hath hit-eth the fan. Officials.

Well well, whats new hey. Last Friday was the reckoning at my workplace. It all went down in the office, epic battle, threats of quitting and suicide where thrown around by my manager and staff alike. All over some mix up with work materials. Now said manager has been booked off for a week and I have to fill in. Uno problemo I am not qualified to do such a job. I'm just the tit that reads copy all day, sends emails begging for work and does the filing (occasionally I am not even capable of that). So it's just a slight fuck up and another day in the life of me.

Frankly I've had it. Have decided that I will go back to the role of a struggling student at the end of this month. Waitressing and selling second hand and vintage threads will have to do till I can convince a company to hire me. If I continue here the lining of my stomach will surely burn away.

So am working on my CV as we speak and it's looking pretty bleak to say the least.
I've had the shitest weekend due to this kak. Just thought I would inform you that my life is a shambles and I could be becoming a professional bergie.

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