Friday, June 17, 2011

Where is my mind?

Lately I have been thinking about a lot of stuff (don't get me wrong, I think just as much as the average person - now I just sound blonde).

 Anyway, here's what's on my mind;

 I work for my dad, who owns an electrical company in Cape Town, it sounds rather boring and it can be, however, I handle all the marketing and advertising so it's not too bad. We have a blog, which I update on a regular basis with articles I find online, ranging from a number of topics, but my favourite issue is sustainable energy. I read up on it a lot, so I believe I am well educated on this issue. My latest information discovery is something called 'fusion energy'.

"By 2030, researchers expect to build a fusion reactor demonstration plant that produces more energy than it consumes. If successful, fusion power will provide a nearly inexhaustible and CO2-free source of energy. Nuclear fusion is pure solar energy. Deep within a star, the atomic nuclei of light elements fuse, generating vast amounts of energy in the process. For a long time now, scientists have wanted to use such fusion power here on earth, because it promises to provide us with a virtually inexhaustible source of clean energy. The raw materials (water and lithium) for fusion power are available in practically unlimited amounts. Fusion energy does not emit CO2 into the atmosphere and – unlike nuclear fission plants, which split heavy atomic nuclei – fusion does not produce highly radioactive waste that remains hazardous for thousands of years. The interior walls of a fusion reactor become only slightly radioactive after being bombarded by fast particles. After about 100 years, the radiation level declines to such an extent that all of the material can either be recycled or disposed of."

We must utilise our natural resources now or risk being wiped out as a species. Soon the earth will become uninhabitable due to our waste and consumption of natural resources. I cannot fathom why the world’s governments are not immediately scrapping inefficient and outdated power and replacing it with wind, water and energy fusion. If we could harness the power from the sun or replicate the power of the sun we would have unlimited and clean energy at our disposal. All our efforts must be towards the implementation of this, not the extraction of gas from the Karoo or oil in the East or nuclear energy up the west coast.

 Now I know considering this blog is made up of mostly fashion, my rants and infantile bullshit, this is some pretty heavy shit to expect you to read. But I have always believed that one should educate themselves through reading. And if that snippet gets you clued up on energy efficiency, sustainable living, the survival of our planet and out lives as we know it, then you will damn well read it. Hear?

 Okay so that's one thing.

 The other thing is, I have four bags of clothing sitting in my lounge. I am selling the most stunner stuff. I do this at least once a year. I go through all my clothes, decide what is hideous, what is 'so last season', and what makes my thighs looks massive and I toss it. I have never allowed my mind to think about the cost of all my clothes totaled. That would be truly disturbing. It could be a few hundred thousand at this point. I could have been on a worldwide trip by now, flouncing around Paris and stuffing my face with pizza in Naples. And I'm not because of flipping fashion, which I love. Which consumes my every thought, which is making me broke.

 Last year I went to Australia. And my clothes pretty much paid for the trip. I made R5000 off selling my clothes, I sold everything. When I flew over I was wearing jeans and a t-shirt and sandals. All I had in my suit case was a bikini, towel, fedora and jewelry. I came back with two suit cases of beautiful high street fashion. Am back to square one again.

 I think all girls should do the same, in that way we are recycling our clothing, making some of our money back and saving for travelling. It's a workable idea. Get on it, I need a 'new' wardrobe please!

 I am moving again, ya tell me about it. Moving is such a mission and every time I do, it seems I have accumulated more junk. I am a sucker for second hand furniture, retro chairs and tables, it's a problem. This time I'll be living in my cousin's old apartment in Hout Bay. It's lovely and it has a garden so I can grow copious amounts of basil and tomatoes, which as an Italian goes with every dish. I wish I didn’t have to move so often, it's exhausting and unsettling. Maybe if I didn’t spend so much money of fashion I could afford my very own home.

But I'm only 23, so there's time yet for that.

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