Sunday, July 3, 2011

Classic trumps trends ... everytime.

I recently inherited one of my grandmother's blazers. It is navy blue and 100% wool, the warmest and most stylish peice I own.

Well not really but I am so obessed with it that all my other clothes must be somewhat disgruntled by my lack of wearing anything else but this blazer. It fits like a glove and it's so warm. I have completely abandoned this season's trends for this blazer. It's not beige or long or a parka. It's a classic.

And can only be worn with equally stunner garments such as my awesome pair of denims, they are soft as silk and super stretchy. I also inherited the most divine blouse, pale peach with dramatic sleeves and a loose fit. My gran made it. The combination of the three peices is amazeballs. It's like the perfect outfit.

It doesn't even matter what shoes you pair with it. So this is just to say that trends are fun but classic peices make you feel so much more sexy and authorative. Get digging in the vintage bins dolls and find something that separates you from the hundreds are women running around covered in beige with hiker heels.


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