Friday, July 15, 2011

Fuck everyone who doesn't have a day job! Yes I really did just say that.

This morning I almost gave up. I swear I was this close ( ) to quitting my job. A while ago I almost did.
Sitting in an office all day, looking out at the ocean, the sunshine and thinking

 "What the fuck am I doing here?"

Does anyone else have days like that?
It happens alot to me. Sometimes it feels worse than other days. I had this overwhelming feeling to run away, far away from work, from home, from my family. I have done it before, but I was much younger and it wasn't like this. I feel like I am wasting time here, not really accomplishing anything, not following my dreams, not being the creative mind that I am.

And I tried to think about what it is I really, REALLY want to do with my life. And 'travel' was the only thing I could decide on. Not all the others like being an investigative journalist or having my own column in a magazine or being a magazine editor. Just travelling. For now.

And the more I thought about all the times I let go of dreams and oppertunities to support my family the more I realised that I have to seriously do this one thing for myself and to travel I need the bucks. So I HAVE to work at this job, I have to save every cent.

So you know what I will be a boring old cow who works all day, sleeps all night, no parties, no new clothes (sort of), until I am safely transported to Naples, sitting by the sea, drinking mojito's and writing about my travels.

I just have to put my head down and not look up till July next year. Here goes ...

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