Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Shoes!

Last week I finally recieved my new wedges from Woolworths. They are the from the summer collection and are not out yet. They come in black too.

I saw them from across the room, hurtled to the display and searched for my size. No size 5. What the hell, how can they not have size 5. I savagely grabbed them and located a floor assistant. "I NEED these in my size." She informs me that they will have to order them.

After a week and countless phonecalls, trips to the V&A Waterfront and I am the proud owner of these babies.
They fit beautifully. The faux light cream suede (they photograph darker)is heavenly, the straps secure your foot into the shoe and you soar metres higher than anyone else. I love them.
On arrival at their new home, I try them on with every garment I own and discover, as I thought, that they match everything, they make every outfit look effortlessly amazeballs. I am smitten. I will wear them to CT Fashion Week.

I will wear them everyday I swear to myself. They will never leave my feet. I put them on and dance around in lounge for everyone to see.
So far they have not seen the greater city but they will.

Just as soon as I find the perfect day dress for summer...

PS Seeing as though this weather is not wintery I am already planning for my summer wardrobe.

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