Wednesday, July 20, 2011

This week ...

I worked my butt off painting my apartment, looking all spanking new.

Discovered that there is a technique to painting walls.
My brother is actually very handy when coaxed with the promise of kettle fried chips, he painted most of my apartment.
My family is still totally cooked.
Never set your alarm when falling asleep, accidently set it for 5am when I only have to wake up at 7am.
Check the wrapper of a chocolate so that you are not buying something you would never eat. Was looking forward to pairing The Kardashian and their antics with a bar of chocolate and a blanket, but when I arrived home and got all comfy, popped a square into my mouth and discovered that the main ingredient was pear. I HATE pears. Never liked em. So I had to give the slab to my dad. Ended up drinking sweet tea. Epic fail.

One is a great deal thinner at four in the morning. I discovered this after a terrible night’s sleep. I assume it is from laying on one’s back for eight hours, or less in my case, and all one’s organs and fat become compacted. I wish I looked that skinners 24/7. Note to self; must lie down more.

There are up and downsides to living at home again. Pro: One can save more money, and then spend it on shoes. Con: One is forced to eat the same food as everyone else, eg: a great deal of potatoes (resulting in hip expansion) and one has to share a bathroom.

Must go to bed earlier, staying up late googling fashion pics is giving me bags under my eyes.

And this is my new favourite quote:

It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are. ~e.e. cummings

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