Thursday, July 21, 2011

To be blonde or not to be blonde ... that is the question!

I am a natural blonde. Not white blonde just normal blonde. But I never felt blonde (how blonde do I sound right now?) So when I was fifteen I dyed my hair dark brown. I felt like a whole new person. Different, rebellious, sexy and confident. It was so me. And I pretty much stayed that way for a while, at seventeen I dyed it black, very emo, then after Matric I went red for some time and then back to dark brown.
Until a few months ago I discovered ombre hair and bought a box of bleach and attacked my hair. I have loved it. It didn't show up as a trend som much around Cape Town though.

But recently I have got tired of looking like a two tone wigged punk and so I am toying with the idea of going blonde. Everytime I wanted to I chickened out. I am just not a blonde type of girl. Blondes come with social expectations, perfectly manicured, well dressed, ladylike socialites. Dark brown hair gives an air of authority and class. But at the same time it can be effortlessly chic and natural.

Really, really blonde

Natural blonde

Do I go really, really blonde, or just natural blonde?

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  1. I'd say really blonde, but I guess it all depends on your lifestyle, light blonde can look great if your willing to do something more than just straighten in, or if your more of a bohemian be achy kind of girl it would be better to go natural blonde. Hope this helps :)


Thanks for your comment doll!