Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Weekend of Hell

The last week has been a bitch but it's over now and I am in far better spirits.
This is what threw me off my trolley, so to speak:

Friday night was a bummer, I made plans, my plans fell through so I ended up eating pizza and watching Harry Potter with my dad and Hamilton. Epic fail.

Saturday I was stuck at home ironing my brother's suit for his girlfriend's matric dance. Then when I had the chance to go out my mom rocked up and started to clean, feeling bad I got the vacuum out to help. Once I had vacuumed the entire house, the back of the vacuum exploded and shot out all the dirt all over the place. I went befuck on the vacuum. It is now in the rubbish bin in about nine pieces. Then a whole pile of people came to loaf at my house. Sucky day.

On Sunday I decided to get some pampering in and touch up my balyage, which went bright orange to tone down the colour I usually leave dark brown dye on for five minutes and the wash it out. However I had none left and had to do an emergency run to Spar in the afternoon with bright orange hair. Once home, I applied the dark brown and left it for ten minutes, washed my hair out and it turned a purple/grey. I kid you not.

All that, accompanied with the feeling that I was sitting all day rotting at my day job thinking about all the people following their dreams and making big bucks made me feel really shite.

I also discovered that my ear lobes are abnormally large. This is depressing, what more does a woman have to go through?

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