Thursday, August 18, 2011

Debate: To fringe or not to fringe.

My hair is having a crisis. Now that it is no longer half blonde and half brown it is at a loss with itself.

When I dyed it back to brown I had an "I love my hair" love affair. I couldn't stop fussing with it. I felt all chic and mysterious again. Now I am considering taking it a step further.

To cut a fringe or not to cut a fringe. That is the question. The fringe and I had a brief liaison when I was sixteen. I rocked it. It loved me. We managed to co-exist nicely together. There were no schitzo issues that one usually associates with a fringe. No rebelliousness. Just perfection.

Eventually I became tired of said fringe and grew it out.

I tried once more a few years back. Disaster. Fringe and I were at war. It would not hang right, it got too oily, it wasn't thick enough. It was hell. This put me off fringes for life.

Lately I have been haunted by gorgeous bangs. They're coming out of the woodworks to taunt me.
Cutting bangs is like treading on thin ice. Sometimes you get it just right other times you cut it too short. My forehead seems to be screaming for cover.

I believe the trick it to gather a great bunch of hair, make a wide triangle that covers the whole forehead and take hair from the middle of you kop and bring it forward. This makes it thick and heavy so avoiding stringy fringes (cringe). And then chop it. Yes chop it. With a good pair of sharp kitchen scissors.

This takes balls. It could potentially create much angst for you in the future. Or it could be worth it.

Who knows.

May attempt this ... may not.


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