Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I want to ride my BICYCLE! BICYCLE! BICYCLE!

Bicycles were a huge part of my youth. I remember my first bike, I can't recall what make it was but I'm pretty sure my dad bought it with his makro card. I got it for Christmas at the tender age of seven.
It was a pale purple with thick handle bars and tyres.

We were instant best friends. Mostly because I didn't have many friends being the weird kid and all, however I had one excellent friend by the name of Wendy. Our entire childhoods were one and the same.
Whole summers spent riding our bicycles, playing with dolls and bunnies and talking about our crushes and trying and failing at fitting in. We weren't your modern day kids, we didnt have all the latest toys or clothes. We were simple and happy and blissfully unaware of our circumstances for a while.
We played in fields of flowers, made tree houses, buried boxes full of notes to dig up when we were older and wiser, rode our bicycles, played with my dogs, swam in pools. I have the happiest memories from those years.
When I was a bit older eleven/twelve I used to spend the summer holidays with my grandparents in Betty's Bay. Far from tarred roads and malls. All my time spent riding my bike with my grandpa, hiking in the mountains, feeding penguins, swimming between the wild craggy rocks in the ocean.
It was bliss.
My grandmother gave me her bicycle when she got to old and sick to ride it. Its lovely, a metallic blue ladies bike with big handle bars.
I haven't ridden it for many years and when my uncle came to stay he offered to fix it up for me.
I still have to paint it but it's in good working condition. I am so excited to ride it up and down these Camps Bay hills at a scary pace.

Here are some ideas of how to fix up your old bike.

Why you should ride a bike :)

My bicycle looks like this one.

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