Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mind dribble due to lack of carbohydrates.

Day two no carbs. deep deep hunger. keep thinking about balls of fresh mozzarella with pesto on baguette. watched Black Swan last night, that shit is weird and everyone is ano. gross. considering purchasing vintage versace sunnies from charmaine. i look weird in them but they're so cool. if, i mean when, i meet barry and la in naples, i am hoping to be taken hostage by the camorra. will most probably discover some long lost relatives among them. it's funny how there is crime everywhere and people always have bad things to say about 'dangerous' cities. they are the most fun. have had a blind pimple for two days. so eina. why are they blind? not a good look. have mild throb in head, may be symptom of lack of carbs. going to eat a peice of cheese with bovril on it now. what the fuck. why do carbs have to be so bad for you? the last time i went on any kind of diet i lost the plot and shed so much weight my mom force fed me pasta. is chocolate a carb? i hope not. i ate a packet of m 'n m's yesterday. sorry lara. going to sit in the sun now and draw. bought new felt tips yesterday. am going to draw pictures of stuff on toast and possibly a sleeve on my arms. will post pics. lunch = a banana. help.

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