Friday, August 26, 2011

No effort required.

Here's the problem.

As much as I preach about my love of fashion, 30% of the time I am writing these posts in my blue and brown polka dot pajamas and the other 70% I am sneakily posting stuff at work wearing my uniform of skinny jeans, comfy jerseys, blazers and shirts usually with converse on my feet. Tres unfashionable.

Sometimes (gasp, shock horror) I wear the same thing twice. Major crime of fashion.

All the places I worked before were all fashion related except this job which is in a teeny tiny office with all my time spent writing, designing and marketing. In the beginning ... I came in all dolled. Which didn't go down too well with the staff. I just looked silly.

Cue boring work clothing and now I am stuck. Before I could whip up a stunner stylish outfit in minutes and now it takes me at least and hour to conceptualise a look and that's not even the getting dressed up part.

Talk about losing one's sense of style. Too sad.

Anyway it's not like I am the only person who has this problem. I know plenty of people who deal with the same issue. The only way to counter act your boring day self is to go balls to the walls on the weekend! Pamper yourself, do them nails, plenty of creams and potions and take time on your outfits, don't leave the house till you feel utterly gorgeous and fabulous!

Example: Every day I wear this ...

But this weekend...

Ta Daaa!

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