Monday, August 22, 2011

No sweat doll!

In case you are hibernating in this weather, which I have decided to do next winter, then you will know it is bloody freezing in Cape Town at the moment. There was even snow on Table Mountain. Nature got it's first all white experience. Cold weather does not go down well in this country.

Mostly because we are Capetonian and are unable to function in the rain and wind.  And this weather doesn't help most of our country which is still awaiting proper housing. Cape Town literally goes into hibernation in winter, cinema's make a killing, there's a sudden rush to Game to purchase big screen TV's, the only brave souls that venture out into the wild weather are rugby fans and most of them clearly have enough body fat to keep themselves warm.

It wrecks havoc with ones wardrobe and hair. Luckily only days before winter struck (finally, we've had an indian summer for the last two months) I found a bargain at Woolworths. A khaki winter jacket with a fluffy hood, very chic hiker-ish for R350 bucks. I love a good sale. It was R700 (redonkalonk).

And it has served me well over the last few days. Actually I have worn little else. On the same day I went past my favourite little second hand shop in Hout Bay, 'Anything Goes'. A real treasure but be prepared to dig. Discovered they were having a massive jersey sale and picked up a soft grey lambs wool Woolworths round neck jersey for R15! Score. So this and a pair of black viscose treggings have become my winter uniform.

I was devastated yesterday when I had to retire amazeballs jersey to the wash. I had been wearing it for so long and was so in love with it that I was unable to wear anything else. I sulked. Eventually Ian forced me to (read physically dressed me) wear my old fave jersey (which I now hate).

So in honour of all things that are basic although a necessity such as a warm winter jacket and jersey here are a few (a lot) of photos of how to wear your beloved sweater.


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