Friday, August 5, 2011

Wild Child !

My mom is famous for her stories of her youth. Oneday I am going to record them and print a biography of her life. She has had some incredible experiences in her lifetime.

One of the many stories she has told me is about when my dad and her went to Woodstock. I have photos of them, glowing in their youth, long hair, big smiles, plenty of grass (both kinds) and booze. She told me about how you could walk around in the streets in a bikini. He favourite outfit back then was a smiple white granny vest with daisy chains in her hair and beaded thongs between her toes. That was all. Besides a pair of panties. Completely mental to think she walked around town like that! Both my parents were in the Navy and at the same time serious hippies. They grew weed in the back yard and stored it in our freezer. She told my granny who asked why there were so many plastic parcels in the freezer, that they were bags of peas. I still remember both of them spending a great deal of time in the back yard, yelling at us to stay inside while they got goofed, as they called it.

My mom is a sixties child of note. So growing up it was my greatest dream to be a hippie. I wore my mom's long bell sleeved silk shirts around the lounge and braided my hair. I once convinced my cousin to live like a hippie with me for a day. It involved some strange practices. At Halloween when I was thirteen I went as a hippie.

I grew out of it and into the love child of Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain for most of my teens and now I am normal and have amazing taste in music! But through those years I experimented with my personal style ALOT. One day I was Debbie Harry and the next I was a member of the Rolling Stones.

I'm so stoked to see seventies style rocking out of the costume closet and into our own wardrobes. There are elements popping up from both the sixties and the seventies. Bellbottoms, now we call them Flares, suits inspired by Jaggers first wife, Bianca, and Lauren Hutton. Tassles and tie dye are back but in their own modern way as well as boho and maxi dresses. Punk rock glam is the next trend to hit, think Debbie Harry late seventies.

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