Monday, September 12, 2011

12 Steps to a Stunner Closet

There's nothing like a walk in however were not all blessed with such glamourous lives . The process of dressing is unique to everyone. Most of us don't have wallpapered walkin closets with individual spaces for handbags and shoes displayed artfully. And it's a dream come true if you do. Although this doesn't mean that you shouldn't take pride in your cupboard, rail or chest of drawers.

Both Hamilton and I are schitzophrenic dressers with less than desirable closets, messy and crazily organised at the same time. In fact we can be seriously messy. Many a time I have walked into my room after work and have honestly thought it had been burgled; clothes, shoes, belts and pajama's strewn all over the bed and any surface available.
It's a disaster.

Sometimes I would be rummaging in Hamilton's closet and she would get all antsy with me if a t-shirt was out of place and I with her if she didn't return an item of clothing. We are territorial with out clothes, they're an extension of ourselves and an outward expression of our personalities.
And it's the same with the state of your closet or the manner in which you keep your clothing.
At the moment I am using a rail, as the BF has been assigned the minute closet space in our flat. The railing is long and fits everything with my shoes displayed under it. What I am desperately searching for is the a dresser with some drawers for undies, socks and t-shirts.

The only closet I ever owned was a broom cupboard which was converted to hang clothes by screwing a cheap wooden rod into it. It was hideous. When I was sixteen my father upgraded me to a built in cupboard with no doors. He just never got around to it. So I hung two peices of cream taffeta to hide my clothes.
I envied all my friends who had real cupboards whether they were crap or not. They had handles and drawers. Mine didn't have either. My friend Candice has the rolls royce of closetry. The most beautiful, stylish and modern cabinetry you have ever witnessed. Floor to ceiling. There are special racks for shoes and bags. The first time I saw it I stood in awe of it's glory.
And then cursed my father for his crappy workmanship. It's not like there was a lack of cash to provide real closet space. Not one room in my dad's house has a cupboard. It's a freaking disgrace. One can't store anything. One has to buy tacky plastic bins from Makro to store stuff in like some hoarder.

When I moved out and into a miniature apartment I made damn well sure there was closet space. It's took up eighty percent of the flat. And then I had to share it with my BF. Which killed me. No space to display carefully sourced handbags from my travels or the multitude of vintage dresses I collected.
I remember my first encounter with a walk in closet. Sheri's was thing of beauty. You could walk in. WALK IN. Like a whole extra room just for your clothes.
12 Steps to a Stunner Closet
1. If the inside of your closet it brown plywood, or just marked or drab, grab some white paint and a bottle of tint (you can get this from any hardware store) and mix the two together. Light colours always work best. Paint the inside of your closet with a mini roller. Let it dry for a full day.
2. Sort through your clothing. Put the things you wear most in a pile and the things you wear least in  another. Go through both and decide what to throw out and what to keep. Make a list of what you are throwing out so you can replace it if it's a basic you will need.
3. Buy matching hangers. Mine are plastic and silver. It gives your closet uniformity, then everything hangs at the same height.
4. Pack clutches and small bags into a big bag and use another for winter scarves, beanies and gloves. Swap these around according to season or style. You can display these bags at the top or bottom of your closet. If you have the bucks you can purchase those lovely boxes from stationery shops for all those bits.

5. If you don't have a shoe rack you can purchase some great ones at game. Whether it's a rack or plastic or lucite drawers, there are styles for every pocket. These are useful as they keep your shoes in good nick if you have loads of them.
6. While you're at Game, get a rail that can be screwed or glued onto the inside of the doors to hang belts and scarves. If this isn't possible. One of those tie hangers will work perfectly. You can get these at Woolworths too.
7. You should have some space in your closet if you have gone through your clothes. Now to start packing your things back in.
8. Hanging space is like gold. Hang items in categories; dresses, pants, jackets, coats, blouses etc
Whether you want them colour coded or not is up to you. Personally that's a little bit OTT for me.
9. I like to hang my jeans up, some people fold them. Whichever uses up the available space better is up to you. T-shirts are a pain in the arse with cupboards. That's why I don't have too many. Pack all the basics away now. 
10. Those who are blessed with real cupboards with drawers will find storing their socks and lingerie easy, however some of us have to use our kops a little more. I have always had trouble with this. Socks falling all over the place, bra's getting tangled up etc etc. The easiest thing is to buy some baskets that you can slide out, you should be able to find these at Clicks or Mr Price Home. Sort through your socks and undies before packing them into their individual baskets.

11. Now that you're done, you can fit all the other bits and peices in, or display some of your favourite things in a plastic door hanger with those individual pockets.
12. Your closet is now officially gorgeous! Take a good look at the collage of closets above for some inspirasie!

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