Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Monday on a Tuesday.

I feel ill today, so I probably won't be as witty as my usual self. Also the lack of lasagne (sp) in my diet is not helping with this mood.

Yesterday was lovely, I felt like a million bucks, floating around in my paisley summer dress from a chinese store in Camps Bay, paired with gold aviators and cut out sandals from Mr Price. It was a productive day for me and all the people (2) at my day/office job.

Fan bloody tastic, even took the boss for a spot of shopping, she desperately needed a style makeover and I was happy to perform my P.A duties to the best of my ability. This does not include filing, however I make an excellent cup of coffee.

I had a Friday on a Monday. Today is Tuesday and is behaving like a Monday. Awful, whiny cow.
I thought I had it all organised. Felt and might I say looked amazing (half decent for 4 hours sleep) in a sheer black blouse, flared jeans and cream wedges, strutting my stuff. Till I got to work. Which is technically my dad's house. But down stairs, in a pokey little office.
Firstly, I had an exteremely hard time scaling the driveway in 1. Wedges I have never worn. 2. Wedges that make me taller than BF. and 3. Wedges which give me blisters and are pretty much stunning however ankle breaking machines.

A stunning wolf dog with crystal blue eyes that resides next door wandered up our driveway, I attempted to coax is back down the driveway safely to it's home. Before I had successfully executed this it noticed my black labrador, Coco. She is three years old with amber eyes. She's a tiny labrador who didn't make her growth spurt because she got knocked up, producing two litters and my other two labs, Harlow (she's gold) and Apollo (Polly) he's a gorgeous, gentle brute.

Anyway, Coco strolled up to Wolf doggy to do the mandatory sniff and was attacked. My poor child has a hole in her ear. I screamed like a banshee and my dad came to the rescue.
Coco, not impressed with this, sat next to my desk and moped. Sad puppy.

Apart from that it was torturous going down to Pick n pay for milk for the office while everyone is laying on the beach in the sun by the clear, cool ocean. Sad Face. Spent whole trip thinking about how I could support myself without day job. Could find nothing. Marry rich? Get knocked up by a celebrity? Be a genius ...
Got back to the office, almost fell asleep so had strong coffee, got headache from coffee, ate/drank broccoli soup (ew) because of thigh slimming diet otherwise known as the bane of my existance and tackled the outstanding monies owed to the company. It's a terrible job begging people to pay you for work that has been completed in excellent time by professionals. Honestly bullshit.

Then got hideous stomach ache, possibly from broccoli soup, my stomach is not familiar with such healthy food.

Now it's the end of the day and it's dragging. Big time. Like a dehydrated seal in the desert. I just made that up.

Also just got a call from a foreign person wanting to purchase my clothing at 5pm. Then a call from an estate agent wanting to show my flat tomorrow which means I will have to spend a good while making it presentable to the public.

Hell of a day so far. Am really over it.
Save me.

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