Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I need a drink ASAP

Today has been less than nice, infact it has been poo to say the least. Shiteous really.

And for these reasons;

1. Last night I realised (only now) that I am essentially friendless as I have been replaced by trance parties. Also my friends who love me and know me are all galavanting around the world. Italy, London, Sydney. It's painful when the weekend rolls around, imagine; me all elated and excited for my freedom and then BAM! I have no one to drink/dance/beach/shop/goss with. Tres depressing. The long suffering BF attempts to be my "girlfriend" somedays. Takes me shopping, tries to find interest in the latest trends, finds things to distract me from my friendlessness. Shame skat. Therefore last night I shed a few tears in pity of myself. Skype friendships are just not the same as real friendships.

2. Also last night (it was a bad night) I came to terms with the fact that I have decided to go freelance and I could very well be broke soon which means my brand spanking new love affair with shoes will disappear. Italy April 2012 will be cut shortish due to lack of funds. Bleh.

3. Because last night became a pity party I lay awake for HOURS and hours and HOURS. I remember looking at the clock at 3:15 and thinking FML. When I 'woke up' to get ready for work I looked chinese. My eyeballs were swollen. It was a hideous sight to behold. And I still had to go to work. No days off for me.

4. Work Day: Almost faceplant into my laptop from exhaustion at 9am. Get a call that one massive quote on a top secret project has been accepted, try to feel happy in my zombie state. Then I have to sit in a tiny cramped office with my boss who is as sick as a dog. Shampies. Also I neglected to tell you that I have a mother of a cough. When I cough Coco looks at me funny. So we are both sick and grumpy and poes naai in the office.

5. Then the electricity went down. No probs, were an electrical company. Only to discover that the whole of flippin Cape Town has no power. Fack. Me comatose, rejoices and leaps upstairs to lay upon a couch  to sleep. Grateful for Eskom's epic fail. Am convincing boss to send us all home when they switch the power back on.
What is this Eskom, you are not supposed to put the power back on?! You are supposed to be incompetent, useless, money grabbing national service blah blah. Livid.  

6. Now I am tired and I need a drink and a rant with a friend and I can't have any of it because I am
sick  and friendless and the BF refuses to listen to my rants.

Can I say FML now?

Over and out.


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  1. You hit the nail on the head. I also can be helpful here :) BTW, there is an online service through which you can fill out a a form, the fillable blank is here


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