Friday, September 9, 2011

It's the WEEKEND Granny!

It's the weekend. Queue HUGE sigh of relief.

Here's the problem; besides for the BF (who doesn't really count) as he is required to be my friend because we sleep together, I no longer have ANY friends who I have anything in common with.

I suppose that's what happens while growing up. It's fucking sad.

Is there something wrong with me, that I don't want to be around people who think I'm lame or old or useless.

I need friends who give a shit, who would love to do the the things I love to do because they love the same things, people who can hold a conversation without boasting how fucked they got over the weekend. I just love that;

"How was your weekend?"

"It was great me and the BF went to Kalk Bay, surfed, had a braai ..."

{Is rudely interrupted by frothing of the mouth friend}
"I got so slewed, me and so and so were spinning big time, the crowd was insane. I was so drunk/drugged up/mentally unstable that I fell on my face/screwed a stranger/got licked by a random person/vomited all over my crew."

Fucking lovely. Just fabulous.

Listen I have been there, I have had those moments (minus the random licking), I have walked home at 5 in the morning, I have been so drunk I have landed up on a mountain/been taken advantage of by boys/peed in public places/vomited in front of bergies/friends/parents and gotten so high that I have imagined trees coming alive/police raids/talking animals/time warps etc etc.

But now I am over that. Those were insanely good years.

Now I need to do something greater with my time. I want to write stories that people will remember forever, be a part of a breakthrough news story, write a novel, start a movement.

But the only people I know who are on the same pluck as me are in Sydney and Italy. Bit fucked there.

This is not to say I don't want to party because I do. I NEED a big night out. I need to dance and drink and have fun but not at a GODDAMN trance party. I H A T E trance.

Lord please supply me or lead me to some people who have their heads screwed on but love having fun.

Will have to put an ad in the paper;

Looking for normal/fun/deep person/peoples to befriend. No freaks. Unless you are a cool freak.

Bet I will recieve a reply from someone living in Swaziland.

T . G . I . F


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