Monday, September 5, 2011

Keep Calm and Eat Lettuce.

In an attempt to shrink the expanding waistline and to avoid being whale spotted on the beach I have been carbless for ten days. Well more like eight. I ate lasagne last week. Twice. I had to, I was faint.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

It's been rough and have eaten an extreme amount of chocolate during this time which probably isn't helping.

I have consumed more veg in the last week than in my short life.
- broccoli
- banana's
- butternut
- onions
- cucumber
- spinach
- rocket
- lettuce
- carrots
- potatoes (actually not allowed but it looks like a vegetable so who cares)
- cabbage
- peppers
- tomatoes

etc etc
interpersed with;
- eggs
- tuna
- chicken
- fish
- lamb
- sausage
- salami
- bacon

Last night at around nine I went to Spar in search of more healthy meals. This is unbelievably difficult when not paired with pasta, rice, bread, rolls and biscuits.

So far I have chowed countless bowls of soup and tuna salads. I feel I may have mercury poisoning at this point. Diets are not for the faint hearted I tell you.

The bf believes I will start seeing a major difference in about 2 months.
2 MONTHS! I have to do this painful exercise in beauty for two months? Insanity. Will attempt to.

We had a hilarious moment last week when I was eager to know how much weight I had lost, do not do scales. See previous post. Tried to measure circumference of thigh with measuring tape. Turns out one of my thighs is bigger than the other.

After that traumatic experience it was also noted that one of knees is higher than the other. I died and then made a mental note to never measure any bodily parts. It only leads to more issues.

Am going to use a pair of very toit jean pant to measure weight loss. If one can squeeze hips and thighs into jeans, it will be worth it.

Any way,

Please let me in one some of your diet secrets.

Kind regards,

Anxiously awaiting smaller thighs. (Jodi)

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