Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Faves for Summer 2012 Bikini Trends

Tribal Prints /Colour Blocking/ Florals/Cut outs/One shoulders

As you know I am completely beach obsessed. Which means I  L  O  V  E  bikini's.
I used to work at a surf shop right on the beach and the best part was the free swimwear.
I had a bikini in every style and print.

Last summer I bought a brazilian black bikini bottom and a brown boobtube top with knot details. I loved it dearly until Coco got hold of the top and chewed it beyond recognition. So I am on the hunt again for the bikini of the summer.

I believe it's best to buy separates as I love to mix and match styles.
The best places to look are surf shops as they usually have quite an array of brands, prints and styles. However they are not cheap. 

If you're looking towards colourblocking this summer check out Woolworths' range of bikini separates, they also have an array of florals. I haven't got to too many shops lately to see what's in store.

But that's the plan for this weekend. Whichever trend you gravitate towards (me tribal) the importance is in the fit and how you plan on using it. Tanning only or playing, swimming and surfing along the coast.

String bikini's and strapless for tanning are the best, minimal lines.
For all else it's best you boobs and vag are firmly strapped in place before taking the leap off Clifton boulders. There's nothing like coming up for air, naked.

Happened to me many a time. Hadn't even gotten to first base yet and the dudes got a peek at the boobies. So not cool or sexy.

What's your bikini style?


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