Thursday, September 1, 2011

Short Term Life Plan of Jodi Leza (lost soul)

The best way to predict your future is to create it. ~Peter Drucker

Send serious email to cousin about meeting them in Naples in April
Open savings account for Naples/Sicily trip.
Put all money in it.
Live on nothing. Peas and tuna. Again.
Buy ticket to Sicily in April.
Apply for Schengen Visa.
Try to not do anything dodgy till am actually safely on Italian soil.
In the meantime; email AAA and find out when Copy writing studies start.
Try convince father to allow me to study again and spend R90,000 over two years for my education.
Do not have a nervous breakdown over asking him.
Explain in adult like fashion why you have only cottoned on to this now (lying awake at night terrified that I am going to be a loser broke old lady at 30).
Keep going with blog which no one except dear faithful friends read and hone your journalistic writing skills.  - (I got skills yo!)
Do not get scammed by well educated university students into writing their very long and boring theories.
Add all accomplishments and non accomplishments to CV. Never know might help.
Encourage people to pay you for your writing.
Do not give up on social media.
Resurrect your social life from the pits of nowhere and reconnect with friends who have wilfully disowned you due to your lack of interest in them. Bad friend.
Stop being a bad friend.
Fake it to make it – keep on repeat in your head.
Dig down deep and yank your confidence out of the ground and use it.
Work on imaginary magazine and make it a reality.
Keep on the no carb diet, try not to eat your body weight in chocolate to deal with the loss of toast.
Focus, lady, focus.

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