Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Beware of the $$$

Its only Wednesday and it's been a bitch of a week. I've over booked myself too far this time and I ended up crying in frustration last night when I could not fall asleep because of the stress and worry.

Let me tell you dudes, there is evil in this world and it comes in a powerful form and that's money. I have never earned big time cash or had the urge to. I make enough to pay for the basics, save for those fuck ups and have a little treat that usually comes in the form of food, wine and clothing.

So I am a happy, unaffected by dollar signs, woman.
Until yesterday when I discovered the true motive of a person I care about. And when i figured it out, it made me feel ill. So ill, that I am still feeling nauseous today and I havent had a thing to eat since yesterday afternoon. Except for those few peices of mint chocolate Gabi force fed me last night.

I am floored, shocked, and maafaacker. All at the same time.

Don't let money rule you, don't let it change your ideals because it won't put you to sleep at night, it won't make you friends or keep your family close. It separates the good from the evil in this world.

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