Monday, October 17, 2011

The bloggers truth.

Here's the thing with being a fashion blogger and this rant will come in two parts;

Part one: Affording fashion and dressing the part.
Part two: Advertising.

Part 1:
Posting photos of fashion or fashionable girls is par for the course. These photos give you inspiration for outfits, for upcoming trends and how to wear the peices you own. Every blogger does it but this does not necessarily mean they have the time to dress this way, everyday, themselves.
However we are all aware that not everybody has enough hours in the day to put together their looks so carefully, let alone has the budget to buy these trends. I certaintly don't.
In fact most days my hair is lucky if it comes close to a GHD and a lot of the time I am so tired in the morning I end up wearing the same thing over and over again and alot of my posts are written while wearing my polka dot jammies with squiff hair.

When you really live and work, you don't have time to be fussy. And it's most likely that you have your car payments, rent, groceries and petrol to pay for before you grab your Elle Magazine and go shopping.

The other myth is that all fashion bloggers are skinners. They all have minute thighs that fit perfectly into skinnies with flat stomachs that pull off the perfect basic white t-shirt. Not true. However there are many that are miraculously scuplted. I am not one of them.
You are no less glamourous and sexy if you don't look the part 24/7 and not the proud owner of the perfect designer bag, dress or sunnies. This is where part two comes in.
Part 2:
Most bloggers, not me, are given merchandise for free. The sad thing is, they are a pawn for advertisers. Getting given stuff and then writing about it is nothing to be proud of. You are no more unique than the next blogger and you are not opening up your readers to new and exciting horizons.
You are merely telling them to follow the crowd, to look like eachother, wear the same outfits and eat at the same trendy cafe's.

There are some bloggers out there who are true originals, who maintain a brand because it fits in with their message but many others will accept any form of swag. If you're a jeans loving girl, then stick to representing a brand who makes the best denims or a chick who is sunnies obsessed plugging a local sunglasses boutique.

But plying everything from make-up to alcohol is pathetic. They have lost the essence of blogging. You may as well be a walking advertorial.

Just a little reminder; just as magazines force feed us that 'must have' manure, the same can be said for bloggers. Take every post with a pinch of salt. Nothing is ever as it seems.

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