Thursday, October 20, 2011

Christmas List (The unedited version)

·         A tattoo of a feather (for sentimental reasons)
·         A mini braai weber dinge. So that I can have social gatherings at my flat. Always a good excuse to coerce people into your abode. And preferably in a cute colour.

·         A gigantic canvas so I may paint a HUGE print on it.
·         Tickets to the Foo Fighters concert that will apparently take place next year.

·         A flat screen TV. My TV was manufactured in 1992. You have to sit really close to it to see what's going on and the bunny ears refuse to get signal from any other channel besides SABC 3.

·         A lucite shoe rack for my new collection.

·         A range of t-shirts designed by SA Fashion girl.
·         Leather skinnies from Katema.

·         A sixties formica table from Vamp Furniture for a breakfast table.
·         Some sexy heels from the BF
·         A real life bunny rabbit that loves me. My other bunny, Lola, is a tempermental cow who has total control of our garden and is ridiculously cute however unfriendly.

·         Leopard print pumps from Luella
·         A trenchcoat with a fur rimmed hood a la 'The ManRepeller'.

·         A vintage hatbox.

·         A pouffe.

·         Some retro mugs and wine glasses. The BF keeps breaking mine. Will have to buy him a plastic cup.

·         New paint brushes and watercolours.

·         Speakers that are kak loud so I can piss off the freaks in my block by playing rad music.

·         New jeans.

·         Cat-eye sunnies.

·         A gigantic toblerone.
The reality is my dad will probably give me some money and my brother will buy me a box of smarties and my mom will find me something quirky and completely useless.

And this list will probably change tomorrow and the next day and the next day.

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