Monday, October 10, 2011

Ham is a vegetarian and I am a chocolate whore.

Dieting is not my forte, infact I have never lasted longer than two days on a diet, that is why I've had to make my own diet up. However I'm pretty sure none of it makes sense or is even vaguely healthy.

Since cutting out carbs from my diet I have lost a substantial amount of weight, exactly how much I don't know as I don't weigh myself. But I have lost a dress size .. in some areas of my bod.
It's terrible to lose weight in only some areas and not all over. Like when your stomach is flat as a pancake but your thighs are still jiggling in your broek. Kak one.
To be honest I have cheated ... a lot. I have eaten lasagne, the BF's dad famous roasts, a piece of toast, a bite out of a spinach and bacon muffin, pizza and KFC chips. Do you know how freakin hard it is to live so close to KFC and not eat their hormone ingested, headless, chickens?
Really hard.

Also, as you know I am befok about chocolate. I love it. I go to bed with it just about every evening and I go through stages of different forms of chocolate.
Like three weeks ago, Spar was having a a special on Lindt petit desserts. I went a bit mental and spent my petrol money for the month on chocolate. Lucky I don't drive all that much.

I hid it in my sock drawer from the BF. He found it. He had to eat it too. I am obsessed with Astro's at the moment. So obsessed that I ate Spar out of Astro's (the big boxes) in two weeks. I am somewhat intrigued with this manic munching of chocolate and quite ashamed of my addiction.

Obviously this is not ideal when on a diet. One can not consume eight different types of veg in a day and then eat an entire slab of sugary delicious ness at night and expect to be skinners.

My dearest friend and freelance colleague, Sammy, who shall be known as 'Ham' is a veggie. A vegetarian and has been so her entire life. Apart from eating fridge fulls of leaves and grazing on plenty of tastless veg she is besotted with cheese and pasta. Recently she went to this health dude who told her she is allergic to carbs, dairy products, tuna and banana's. Ham's life came to a standstill. She was in such agony over her love of pasta that she lost her appetite for a week. Now she is munching on all kinds of healthy things at certain times of the day. She has lost a whopping amount of weight, not that she needed to and is feeling energized and well.
Ham passed the health dudes eating rules onto myself which has now been photocopied and handed out to every member of my inner circle. We are all hoping to be healthier and skinners in a few weeks. I already have a head start on this as I have eliminated carbs from the daily diet apart from a couple of moments of weakness.
Interesting facts;

- Potatoes help you lose weight, they're a diuretic and contain more potassium than a banana and are less fattening than a banana.

- Salads are only to be eaten in the day and not in the evening as it ferments in your stomach. Gross.

- Fruit juice is the devil. Full of sugars (Fructose)

- Do not eat fruit salad, mixing fruits is too high in sugar and also ferments in your stomach.

- Soya is most evil and equates to giving your baby  five contraceptive pills a day! Sho wena!
If you want to read more about it check out this site that Ham designed.

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