Friday, October 7, 2011

I should have stayed in bed.

30% of this blog is made up of random pictures I like. 70% should be a complaints directory at the rate I complain.

Here is Complaint #267

Today is ma se pa se. Now I am aware that it is unprofessional to complain about clients but this is pretty much what my blog is all about. Bitching.

This client is severely fucking me off. Severely. I don't even have the energy to go into it because I am so poes naai tired. Tired because of the late nights spent proofing while being sick, tired of the countless meetings which amount to nothing, tired of worrying about the pay risk, tired of waiting around for replies, for info to be sent to be edited and especially dealing with people who don't know what the FUCK they want.

Before you hire someone at least have a facking vague idea of what you want. At least.

Complaint #268

This office has gone befok today. Befok I tell you:

1. The phone is ringing off the hook.
2. Our installation electrician went to some rich dudes house and the dude has changed all the plans for the wiring without informing our team.
3. Because of this theres been a slight fuck up. We cut through their mains. Not something we ever do.
4. My boss is trying to book a flight for my cousin and enlisting my help. Internet booking is bullshit.
5. There were credit card problems. They charged her twice. Over R8000.00 worth of flights.
6. Then they took their sweet ass time refunding her.
7. Meanwhile there are only two flights left at this special price and we are waiting for them to sort out this cock-up.
8. I dont know if any of this makes sense.
9. I took my antibiotic which for some reason is giving me insane stomach ache.
10. While all of this is going I am being bbm-ed to shit by Sammy about the client, my cousin from the land of Ed Hardy about braai weather, my brother who is having some argument with the installation electrician and a phone call from my mother trying to make up her Gemini mind whether to buy a couch from Big Bay or not.

3 hours till end of day. Lord give us strength.

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