Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A sad state of affairs.

I was going to write a post about the state of my thighs but believe it or not there are more pressing matters in my life right now.

I have told you before that when I was living at home I was living with my dad, my brother, my uncle and my boyfriend. Pretty much our whole family from both my mother and father's side have lived in our house for some time over the years. That's the great thing about our house, it's everyone's home, it's not big but we make it work.

My uncle has lived with us a few times over the years for a number of reasons but recently he moved in with us to build an extension onto our house. We shall refer to him as 'Unk' from now on.

He is a legend uncle and dad. Often when I am at odds with my father I will sit and talk to Unk about it. He is caring, has a hilarious sense of humour and is the most helpful person on the planet. If you're stuck in the kak he will get you out of it.
But my Unk has a bit of a past. He used to be into drugs in his youth and it was touch and go with him for a long time. He soon cleaned himself up. The Unk met a woman who we all thought would become a part of the fam but she went a bit wack. And I am being nice by saying ' a bit'. Anyway the two of them had three insanely gorgeous kids together. After the first one, a little girl, the girlfriend stole my cousin and caused a lot of shit for my family and my Unk. Somehow she managed to have two of their children placed in foster care against our wishes and their father's consent.

She lies out of her bumhole. And she is a fucking good liar. My father has spent all his dream money on owning a yacht (like that was ever going to happen) on court fees trying to get my cousins back into our care.

Every year we get a letter saying they will be in foster care another year and another year. It's terrible and it kills us. The problem is that the state has in it's employ a corrupt social worker who is purposefully trying to have the children permanently adopted by the foster parents. The foster parents have no problem with this because they love the kids and want to add to their family. That I can understand and I am grateful that they are with people that love and care for them but we love them and can care for them too afterall they are our family.

We have exhausted all options at this point however we keep fighting for them every year. My Unk loves his kids to death and he only get to see them for 24 hours in a whole year. Do you realise how sad that is? The worst part is hearing the kids ask "Daddy, when can we come home?" and "Daddy why can't we see you everyday?"
Obviously my Unk is not with the crazy girlfriend, that ended right after her stealing his kid.

The only thing I can think of is getting Carte Blanche or Special Assignment involved to find out what is really going on.

My family is awesome, my dad is everyone's rock, he takes care of all of us. My mom is the most encouraging and supportive mom in the world, my uncle is the best I could ever ask for and our family is close knit and loving. How could the state not want to hand back two children to such a family?
How can they do this to us and him?

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