Thursday, October 6, 2011

I wish it was Friday ...

I got an antibiotic today. I lay awake for hours last night with my heart hammering in my chest. It's been happening a lot more lately. I have always had a sleeping problem for as long as I can remember. I once slept for only 3 hours in four days. I went a bit mental, actually I was certifiable. I'm sure the BF was close to dropping me off at the crazy house.
Anway, as I was saying, I got an antibiotic. The reason I have left it so long is because someone told me you can get preggers while on the pill if you take antibiotics. I did not fucking know that! Been pomping away for years, blissfully unaware that I could be sperminated and pregnated.
So I have ruled out all sexual contact with the BF. Needless to say he wasn't even that fazed. Which is a bit scary. However we have been together for almost six years, so it could explain why he isn't trying to jump me all the time.

Even so, I am far too tired to do the deed anyway. Been running around like a mofo the last few days on no sleep and deathly sick. Lying awake at night with my mind buzzing like a tik monkey is not fun.

I swear I have analysed every possible situation while in bed awaiting sleep. The worry is all linked to me quitting the full time day job and taking the leap into freelance. Also the job I am doing now is a tad bit risky. Actually it's not funny. It's possible we won't get paid for all the late nights and creepy evening meetings. Something to do with politicians and money not coming in. Why did I agree to this again? Oh yes, it looks damn good on my CV and if the money does come through I won't be eating tuna for the next few months.
At about 3 am this morning I got befok with my mind and went and popped my second myprodol and klapped back those natural anxiety drops. I went back to bed and was out like a light in twenty minutes. I will be slogging that bottle and then some this evening, after I finish proofing and finishing off the design with Sammy and the meeting with the creepy Italian man.
Wish me luck, or pray for my sleep.
Over and out.

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