Monday, October 3, 2011

The quiet before the befok-ness

It's the quiet before the storm and I am patiently awaiting it's wrath. In other words, my father has yet to reply to my lovely resignation letter. Which is not a good sign. By now he should be long-distance calling me from Singapore to unleash his viscious vocab at me or cry deeply into the telephone. Both will be kak.
I am not looking forward to this however I would much rather recieve a reply than sit in stone cold silence. I cant stop clicking the send/recieve button.

In other news; mine and Sammy's quote was accepted by PISA (Parliamentary Institute of South Africa). Sammy and I went to highschool togther. We were excellent friends, excellent at being friends and excellent at being enemies but isn't that what highschool is all about. Nowadays we are good buddies and we work exceptionally well together. We think alike.
The last week has been filled with meetings and desperate PINGS! in the planning and excuting of this website. Tonight we are pulling an all-nighter which is rather exciting for me as I am the owner of a lowly day-job (3 weeks till it's all over) but Sammy is a seasoned sleepless freelance designer. That woman was scheduling her sleep for Thursday on Sunday. Scary stuff. If I don't sleep, I become a whiny baby.

Six pm is our last meeting before we dive into the design aspect of the website and from then till tomorrow we are on our way. Am anticipating countless cups of coffee, will be purchasing plenty of smokes and carbless snacks for me and non-dairy nibbles for Sammy. We're a pair, we are.
Other than that I have to admit I fell off the wagon. In a big way...

I ate a shit load of carbs on the weekend. Friday ended with two bowls on lasagne, Saturday began with bacon and egg rolls and sunday evening ended with roast potatoes and milk tart.

However not my fault, the lasagne was resting on the stove at Gabi's house, all warm and inviting after a long week. The bacon and egg rolls were made by my BF who is a legend egg and bacon maker. I love a man who cooks even if it is just breakfast. And the roast potatoes and milk tart were in celebration of the BF's dad's birthday. Try saying no to his parentals cooking. It's a no no. The food is sooo good.
So I am now back to the carbless diet which has actually become a way of life up until this weekend food fail.

The more I sit in this office the more eager I am to leave.
I hope my dad doesn't go ma se pa se at me. I'm too sick to negotiate with him. Oh that's right I am still sick.
Ag, such is life. Will keep you informed of the dad situation. If there are no posts hereafter you know I'm in seriaas kak.

Over and out.

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