Friday, October 28, 2011

Schitzo weather Look of the day

Ever since Joburg stole our AWESOME Cape Town weather we've been stuck in the misery that is intermittent rain/sun/cloudy/misty kak. Frankly I can't understand what those jean pant/Ed Hardy criminals would do with such loveliness? Go shopping? Have a picnic? Lame. We rock out with our boobs out on Bakoven. Nobody tops that.

For me fashion goes two ways. Winter or Summer. No inbetweens. On days like this I surrender to a uniform of jeans, jersey, jacket. Boring.

However if you have the time and the energy; rock this look. Skinnies in a funky colour make me smile. They've got yellow and tangerine/peachy/pink at Mr Price in Sea Point. Pair it with a cropped jacket and a slouchy beanie. Nice.

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