Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thank God tomorrow is Friday.

1. I hate pissing people off when I haven't intentionally tried to piss them off. Not fun.
2. I decided today that I don't like apples that much.
3. Tomorrow is 12 days left at this godforsaken place. Thank fuck for that.
4. I think I will post another sexy dude photo next week. Girls also need a little something to wank to inspire them.
5. I just said wank.
6. It's been a superiorly crap day. I am now going to my friend Gabi to chat and weep into my merlot.
7. Asos is having a 50% Sale and I can't spend any money of clothes.
8. Have decided that for Christmas I am going to make a fashion wishlist due to possible brokeageness.
9. Here is something to cheer you up ...
10. Tomorrow is Friday.

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