Thursday, October 20, 2011

What every woman needs in her closet ...

Today I replied to a post on Women24, writer Lilli Radloff had all her clothes stolen. If that happened to me I think I would have to be hospitalised with grief and panic. So I can feel her pain when she says she doesn't know where to start. She isn't fashion mad and clued up on what trends to say yay or nay to;

Here's what I replied with ...
Five items every woman must have in her closet:
1.    An LBD (not skanky and not frumpy)

2.    A trench coat

3.    A pair of bootleg jeans, well fitting and they must be dark denim.
4.    A blazer

5.    A shirt
  • A good place to start is a department store like Woolworths of Edgars. They will have everything you need in one place.
  • Woolworths has good quality clothes and styles that are trendy but classic.
  • Don’t ever buy a bubble skirt, anything neon or something that doesn’t fit you properly.
You will need four pairs of shoes.
1.       A pair of boots for winter.
2.       A pair of sandals for summer.
3.       A pair of heels to go with your LBD (black, silver or cream)

4.       And a pair of pumps.
  • The most versatile shoes are pumps and ankle boots. You can wear them to meetings, out on dates, and with everything from dresses to jeans.
  • The best handbag to get is something that has a strong handle with lots of space for things you like to carry around with you. If you’re unsure do not get a colour. This will make it hard for you to pair with any outfit if you aren’t used to co-ordinating. Try brown, cream, black or grey. Never buy a white bag. It’s tacky.
  • Flattering items are bootleg jeans, empire waist dresses and loose and fitted shirts.
However the list is a bit more comprehensive for the rest of us. For instance no wardrobe is complete without a pair of black skinnies and a classic/cool tshirt. Also everyone needs a summer dress and a pair of wedges, not to mention a statement clutch. But if like Lilli you have no idea where to start stick to the must-haves. Otherwise you're lost to fashion and style.

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