Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The day after Black Tuesday.

Yesterday was manic to say the least. I was supposed to join the march outside Parliament yesterday but then I got a call from a client with a deadline. Super bummed. At 14:30 I went to my moms (because she's hooked up with DSTV) and watched it live on E News.

Their speeches made me cry. There are still good politicians out there who are fighting for us and the good of our country.

I sent my opinion peice to my dad so he could see I was doing something with my life. Needless to say his reply was "Nice" and "Be careful". I think he is somewhat terrified I'll become a communist running around town, tits out, screaming expletives at the government .... I wish.

I've always been mad about politics. Always. When you grow up clinging to your journalist mother's back at massive peace protests in Cape Town, reading her stories of hateful race crimes and writing letters to Mandela at the age of seven, you just don't know what complacency is.

My dad was always straight, up and down, by the book kind of man until the 70's, he smoked some weed in the Navy, got caught, was asked to leave and that was the end of his very short lived rebellion. He votes for the DA everytime and would go befuck if he found out any of us went against it. Sometimes I swear he thinks he is God. He wouldn't even let me call my black labrador puppy "Castro". When I painted my room Prussian Blue he asked me and I quote "Are you gothic now?".

But I respect him.

I'm so muddled at this point in time as to where my loyalties lie. I voted ANC in the last elections because I was so pissed off at what took place in Hangberg at the hand of the DA. However I support Helen Zille's efforts and I respect her as a journalist (she worked with my mom at the Rand Daily Mail).Yet I am disgusted with the way the ANC have become a shadow of their former selves. Riddled with corruption and not what I think Mandela could honestly say he is "proud" of.

This is the essence of South Africa. We are a country of individuals from a rainbow of  unique and conflicting backgrounds. It's what sets us apart from the rest of the world.

The fact that the Government wants to hide information from us at a time when we are just discovering the extent of their corruption is telling.

People are saying on Twitter and Facebook that it's all over for journalists and the media. But what they don't understand is that they don't just state media, the bill says 'anyone'. That means Facebook, Twitter, Blogs any form of social media and it's user is not safe to share classified information.

Our parents and their parents fought a long, hard battle to get our country to where it is today. We enjoy so much freedom of expression that we don't even realise the extent of it. Twenty years ago you would never have been able to hold a mass peaceful protest outside Parliament with people from all races, backgrounds and religions.

This Secrecy bill is just a small step in the direction the Government really wishes to take us. What they don't understand is, this country has seen it all, heard it all and experienced all of this before and we won't fall for it again.

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