Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Motivation for the Nation

When I decided to go freelance I assumed I would have all this time to do all those things I had been putting off for months. You know; exercising, getting my hair did, spending time organising outfits and blogging, having coffees in the city with friends, going out to parties, tanning at Bakoven, surfing etc. But noooo I've been hella busy meeting new clients, writing copy for websites, helping clients with digital media, printing business cards. The list is endless.
And in the interim I have completely neglected all these things I wanted to accomplish. Personal goals which have been side lined for a year are still being put aside by the suprising success of my little business.

So the diet has failed miserably so much so that I thought nothing of stopping by Mickey D's yesterday afternoon after a hectic day and chowing down on fries and a chocolate milkshake. I had such bad indigestion I was a grumpy cow for the rest of the evening. My body is clearly not pleased with my choices in food of late. Anytime I eat carbs I suffer. So it's back to square one.
Everyone falls off the wagon at some point and as always it takes a lot of effort and balls to get back  to being health conscious.
So here's the deal, everyone always says it's best to exercise in the morning so now I'll be scheduling that before my day starts and making my meals the night before to avoid the 'grab and go' binge eating.

Why is it so facking hard to get in shape?? I found this website that is lank helpful in giving you exercises that are specific to the areas you want to focus on. Basically you can design your own work out plan which is excellent. Take a look at it and let me know what you think and if you find it helpful. Exercise Finder.

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  1. Things sound very exciting babe! Don't worry about Mickey Ds days, we all have them! hahaha


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