Monday, November 7, 2011

Stuck in the stone-age .... but now I'm BACK!

It feels like a millennia since I last posted on me blog. However it's only been a week. Guess who needs who more?

 So here's what’s been happening since I went AWOL;

The SA blog awards are around the corner and everyone is plugging their blogs silly. I'm too shy to enter because I'm new and I don't have a defined theme i.e.: fashion/lifestyle etc.

If there was an award for amount of swear words used and complaints about the circumference of my thighs then I would claim it.

 I'm voting for 'Life is Savage' in the lifestyle section. That dude seriously made my mornings legendary when I was stuck in the day job cycle. He made me laugh out loud inappropriately and filled my day with sometimes useless but riveting news.

Therefore he gets my vote.

 In the fashion category I’m going for my best doll, SA Fashion Girl. Sheri is a trendsetter and an original and that’s the most wonderful thing about her. She is true to her brand. She can also drink you under the table and is an awesome wing-woman.

 The reason for lack of internet is simple. I’m not at home 24/7 using the wireless and by home I mean my dad’s house. So I decided to be an adult and invest in a 3G card from Vodacom. Epic fail. It made me think I was technologically challenged, which I can be from time to time. I went in three times to sort it out. It even did the age old “look bitch I work perfectly fine in the shop” and on returning to my abode it refused to co operate with me.

This means I have missed out on a lot of work and updates and Facebook shenanigans.

 I’m taking it back today, going to give them hell and then I’m walking right across the street to get an MTN 3G card thing. If that doesn’t work I’ll be screwed.

 I even went as far to go to an internet cafĂ©. Oh the horror.

Ancient computers with sticky buttons and mouse’, internet that is so slow I could look up info in an encyclopaedia faster than google it.

Anyhow I’ve got a shitload of work to get done.

Over and out

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