Friday, November 11, 2011

You know Summer is on it's way when;

  • All you can ever hear is the cricket commentators on TV.
  • Every male in your house ignores you because they are besotted with the men in white
  • Herschelle Gibbs (who lives across the road from me) has lots of sexy bokkies in toit shorts waiting outside his house.
  • It's windy in Camps Bay.
  • My thighs stick to leather car seats.
  • You look with disgust at your pastey bod and wish you had been on a self-tan schedule.
  • Your ice cold pool looks inviting.
  • There are shirtless hot boys wandering around in town.
  • Your hair dries faster without using a dryer.
  • You one arm gets burnt while driving making you look like you were raised behind the boerewors curtain.
  • You hear the faint shouts of "Lolly to make you jolly!" or "Water for your Daughter!".
  • You get what I call "The Hamilton Feeling"; when you know the it's only a matter of weeks before the adventures begin again.
  • Your boobs just want to get naked and lie on Bakoven.

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