Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Entrepreneur

To say I have been a bit slack with this blog is an understatment. Until I went freelance hierdie blog was my lifeline, my complaints hotline and the only reason I didn't shoot anyone in the office I was working in at the time.

So I must apologise for the lame posts of late and my being so not funny. I have this theory that only when my life is in a bit of a state am I actually able to write. And by that I mean something with wit, peices that hold your attention and blah blah blah.
Gone are the days of my scribbling self-deprecating reviews of my lonesome life. I promise to pay more attention to you.

I have had this idea since last year to create a magazine for young entrepreneurs, people my age who are trying to create something fresh and new and also to help those of us (me and my friends) who are a little bit lost in this success crazy world. The pressure to perform is heavy on some young people's shoulders, others have mastered the art of using their natural talents to become savvy young entrepreneurs.

So in saying that, I will be interviewing people who I believe are doing just that.
I am adding a new page to my blog called "The Entrepreneur". If you have anyone in mind please forward me their details.

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