Tuesday, December 20, 2011

This Just In: The Hamilton has arrived.

As I told you yesterday I am slaving away in the dreaded office trying to make ends meet. At R90 a day I think it's going to take me forever. I was sitting here feeling all sorry for myself on this gorgeous day when I heard a little voice calling from the gate.
Now to my defense I am quite blind. Quite. I discovered this when dragged to a rugby game with my dad and I couldnt see the score. On the humungous board. I have glasses somewhere but the frames are a pale pink and I look retarded in them so I would rather be blind.
It took me a while to realise it was Miss Hamilton at the bottom of the gate, at first I thought it was a nosy neighbour, then for some reason it looked like the BF's canadian cousin. And then my stupid little brain connected with my useless sight and I realised it was my best friend back from Sydney.

She has cut all her long, wild hair off for a drastic change, a pixie cut and she looks gorge. Anyhow I am counting the minutes to finish work so I can hijack her and get to the beach. I may have to attack her with a razor before hand.

Summer has begun, the Hamilton is in town!

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